Blocknote InDesign Template
InDesign blocknote template
InDesign Template for a A5 Blocknote with 5 Themes
InDesign Features:
- InDesign CS4 Files (idml)
- InDesign CC Files (indd)
- 5 pages with 5 themes
- all text and logo are adjustable in InDesign (no need for Illustrator or Photoshop)
- bleed is 3mm
- a help file is included
- fonts are included
- PDF is included
 5 Themes with free fonts that are included:
1. **Coral Black** with Roboto
2. **True Pink** with Montserrat
3. **Bright yellow** with Droid Sans
4. **Dark Blue** with Fjalla One
5. **Grass Green** with Intro
**Note: if you work with a previous InDesign version, send me a message and i'll send the template for your preferred version.**
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